Thursday, Sep 30 2021, 5.00-6.00pm GMT +8


Introduction to land development - An overlooked real estate opportunity

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Interested to invest in real estate? Well, most real estate investors have two time-tested objectives in mind. It’s either:

  1. Purchase a property, hold it for a period then sell it for profit from price appreciation, or
  2. Purchase a property and rent it out for recurring passive income

However, there is a segment within real estate investing that most investors either overlook or has limited access to: Land banking

Land banking is a real estate investment strategy in which investors purchase large parcels of undeveloped land with the intention of holding it for a period of time, and then selling at a profit. The land is held until it has been approved for development, or future development beyond the approval date for rezoning.

To learn more about the hidden gem within this asset class, join us for an educational webinar with DLE Group AG (“DLE”). Since the launch of its first Land Banking fund in 2016, DLE has been the leading investment manager with a clear focus in Germany with over EUR 2B deployed.

We will be exploring topics such as: 

  1. Overview of German real estate
  2. What is Land banking?
  3. How does Land banking defer from typical real estate strategies?
  4. What is the typical lifecycle of a Land banking fund?
  5. Understanding the regulatory environment within German Land banking
  6. What are the key benefits and risks in a Land banking strategy?

Tune in on Thursday, 30 September 2021 at 5pm with DLE Group AG’s CEO Asia Pacific, Nicholas Cheng, and Head of Investor Relations, Asia Pacific, Venetia Lai. The event will be moderated by ADDX’s Chief Operating Officer, Darius Liu.


Nicholas Cheng


Nicholas Cheng is Chief Executive Officer of DLE AG Asia Pte. Ltd and leads our Asia Pacific franchise. He is responsible for expanding our presence in this region encompassing fund management, product development, investor relations and fundraising. Prior to joining DLE, he was Head of Direct Investments Group Asia Pacific at UBS AG where he originated and distributed private capital market opportunities including Alternative Real Estate, Disruptive Technologies and Sustainable & Impact situations.

Venetia Lai

Head of Investor Relations, Asia Pacific

Venetia Lai is the Head of Investor Relations, APAC, DLE Group AG. She is responsible for investor relations and fundraising in this region.

Prior to joining DLE, she was part of the Direct Investments Group at UBS AG. She graduated from National University of Singapore (Hons) majoring in Economics with a specialization in Applied and Policy Economics.


Darius Liu

Group Chief Strategy Officer at ADDX

Darius has over 15 years of experience in conceptualising, building and scaling enterprises across the public and private sectors. As Co-Founder & Group Chief Strategy Officer of ADDX, Darius is responsible for identifying, conceptualising and building new business lines to scale the ADDX business. Darius was formerly the Chief Operations Officer of ADDX, where he built out all operational aspects of the ADDX platform (including business operations, regulatory, legal, risk and compliance issues), and achieved the first ever regulatory license approvals from MAS to conduct issuance, custody and trading of digitised securities on a single, integrated platform. Prior to ADDX, Darius served in the Economics & Investment Strategy department of GIC, overseeing capital allocation decisions across multiple asset classes in the GIC Portfolio. Darius also served tours in the Singapore Government's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defence.

DLE is Europe‘s market leader in landbanking, having first established it as a financial asset class – now growing further. Tapping into the key mega-trends in the real estate sector, we identify innovative investment strategies and best-in-class fund managers to build joint ventures. DLE has successfully expanded its product offering along the entire real estate value chain, from landbanking to development financing and yielding real estate. Led by a highly experienced management team, operating with secured pipelines and embedding ESG criteria on multiple operational levels, we develop our investment products to fulfill the needs of our investors - delivering investor returns sustainably.

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