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Investing in Singapore’s Food Security

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About this event

Ever wondered why there is so much hype about urban farming and controlled environment agriculture? Or why the Singapore government is spending S$144 million in research on food security? For the longest time, Singapore has enjoyed the benefit of importing 90% of its nutritional needs from foreign sources.

The recent pandemic as well as the need for greater food security has brought about a resurgence in the need to grow the agtech industry in Singapore. Find out how some companies plan to grow this industry in the next 10 years, and the latest innovations happening in our own backyard.


Vincent Wei

CEO, Archisen

Mr Vincent Wei is the CEO and co-founder of Archisen, a Singapore based agtech company that designs, develops and operates solutions to grow ultra-fresh, ultra-local produce in cities.

Archisen manages a farm that produces 90 tonnes of vegetables per year, and the vegetables are sold under the Just Produce™ brand.

Prior to starting Archisen, Mr Wei co-founded BioMachines, a startup that developed a platform technology specialising in applications for agriculture and smart cities. As the COO of BioMachines, he developed and managed projects that involve sensor instrumentation, sensor integration, wireless communications, pervasive networks, cloud computing, and environmental monitoring.

Mr Wei holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore. Throughout his career, he has developed a wealth of experience in various IOT projects, including the areas of Agriculture, Urban Microclimate, Geotechnical Monitoring, Remote Surveillance, Wireless Sensor Networks, Urban Greenery, Environmental Monitoring and Tree Growth Analysis.

Roger Yeo

Independent Director, Neo Group Ltd

Mr Roger Yeo Kok Tong is the Independent Director of Neo Group Ltd. He also sits on the board of NR Instant Produce Co Ltd (Thailand). In addition, he also advises some entities on food and investments. Mr Yeo was the former Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Food Industries from 2006 to 2009 and served on its board between 1998 and 2009.

Prior to this, he was CEO of DE United Nigeria Limited. He has also served as Director and Chairman of IM Technologies Ltd and was a member of PT Rama Assuransi’s investment committee. His other board experience includes Bangkok Ranch Public Company Ltd (Thailand), Singapore Cruise Centre Ptd Ltd and SingEx Pte Ltd (and its subsidiaries).

Oi-Yee Choo

Chief Executive Officer at ADDX, Moderator

Oi Yee has more than 20 years of experience in the investment and banking industry, and is the Chief Executive Officer of ADDX. Formerly Chief Commercial Officer, she was responsible for driving business growth through fostering an extensive network of investors and corporate partners. Prior to ADDX, Oi Yee held leadership roles in investment banking as the Head of Investment Banking (Singapore) at UBS and prior to that, Morgan Stanley.

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