How we select offerings

Our investment experts do the research on your behalf

Initial screening

Track Record

We evaluate the issuer reputation, previous performance vs. industry averages and growth trajectory.

Audited Financial Statements

Our team assesses the issuers financials, looking at metrics such as debt/equity ratio, cash reserves and P&L.

Background Checks

We conduct due diligence on the leadership team and assess the board of directors.

Secondary screening

Corporate governance

We deeply evaluate the issuer’s business practices, listing process and their offer documents.


Issuers to operate in accordance with ADDX's listing and exchange rules.

Legal execution

We work on T&Cs to ensure we protect our investors' rights and privileges.

Final decision

Once all the criteria above are satisfied, our listing committee approves the offering, and it is placed on the ADDX platform.

Listing Committee

Chua Kim Leng

Former Assistant Managing Director of Singapore Central Bank MAS

Chew Sutat

Founder & Chairman, Shan De Advisors; Chairman at the Community Chest Singapore; Former Senior Managing Director at SGX

Nels Friets

Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee

Andrew Loh

Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager (Ultra High Net Worth)

ADDX allows me to easily subscribe to securities at a fraction of the usual investment size and without going through onerous amounts of paperwork traditionally experienced when making just one of these investments.

Henry, Accredited Investor

How do we spot a good opportunity?

  • Team expertise

    We leverage on our team’s combined decades of investment experience to assess the viability of opportunities.

  • Respected network

    Our network within the industry sources opportunities from well-recognised institutions and companies.

  • Strategic partners

    Our strategic partners — reputable institutions and private markets players — introduce exclusive opportunities.

Ready to invest?

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Accredited Investor

  • Yearly income of at least SGD 300K

  • or
  • Net financial assets of at least SGD 1M

  • or
  • Net total assets of at least SGD 2M

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Corporate Accredited or

Institutional Investor

  • Company's net assets exceeding SGD 10M in value

  • or
  • Company's entire share capital is owned by one or more persons, all of whom are accredited investors

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