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Private markets



For the past 20 years, private market investments have seen an outstanding track record.

Investments in Private Equity have outpaced their public market equivalents every year since 2000, by an average of 10% more returns.

What was once a fringe interest is now expanding rapidly as more investors gain access to private markets.


The answer to a

modern portfolio.

The traditional 60/40 stocks-bonds portfolio allocation just won’t cut it anymore. These portfolios can only expect 1.5% in real returns.

Your portfolio should be balanced with a mix of public and private market investments to be set up for better outcomes, with 30% allocated to private markets.

It's a strategy made for the modern world, whether your financial goals lie in building your wealth for now, or for the future.


Pick the right strategies
for your goals.

Get in the driver’s seat of your financial journey. Pick from varying investment strategies that fulfill different goals, from savings, retirement to legacy planning.

Invest in fractions and build a holistic portfolio.


Private markets.

ADDX is constantly transforming private markets. Today, you can build a portfolio for the modern world, diversified with a range of wealth-generating opportunities, all on a regulated platform.

Invest with lower minimums

Access private markets in fractions, starting from $5,000.

Invest in smaller amounts, to diversify into more opportunities and balance risks and rewards.

Enter and exit anytime

Trade and cash out as little as $100 anytime.

Reclaim the control and freedom to decide where your next investment goes, whenever your goals change.

Diversify and balance

Select from a wide range of world-class opportunities to invest in, on one platform.

Harness the returns generated from a variety of top-tier fund managers and strategies, to build a balanced and resilient portfolio.

Access world-class opportunities, with renowned investment managers.

ADDX partners with some of the biggest names in the industry, so you can create portfolios with a range of unique investment strategies.

At ADDX, we’re committed to helping you gain access and diversify into the world of private markets and alternatives.


Take control of your financial goals, build your portfolio today.

Set up your account within 10 minutes, and start turning that vision of your financial future into reality.

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Read the latest market insights and reports or watch our webinars hosted by speakers from the industry and exclusive guests from prominent investment managers.

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