Investment types on ADDX

Fast-growing private market opportunities

Private Equity

From fast-growing unicorns to industry-leading private concerns, private equity offers you an ownership stake in a wide range of companies not listed on any public exchange.

As an asset class, private equity often features far higher returns (as well as risk) and offers investors greater choice than publicly listed stocks.

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Types of Private Equity

Unicorn Investing

Unicorns are fast-growing privately held startups valued at over US $1 billion. Many of today’s hottest and most dominant companies—Amazon, Airbnb, and Google—are former unicorns.

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Growth Capital

Invest in private companies looking to expand, restructure themselves or to explore and enter new markets.

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Private Funds

From award-winning hedge funds to high-performance venture capital funds, private funds give you access to a diversified, professionally managed portfolio of private investments.

Private funds can specialize in a wide variety of asset classes, ranging from private equity, to real estate to private to cryptocurrencies.

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Types of Private Funds

Venture Capital Funds

Invest in early stage startups that have strong growth potential.

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Hedge Funds

Invest in professionally managed private funds that use sophisticated techniques to pursue high returns.

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Private Equity Funds

Invest in private companies with the potential to deliver a high rate of return.

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Real Estate Funds

Invest in a wide variety of real estate opportunities not found in the public markets.

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Private Debt

From private corporate bonds to structured credit, private debt can offer higher yields than what is generally available on the public markets and can carry less risk than other private asset classes.

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Types of Private Debt

Private Corporate Bonds

Invest in private companies looking to borrow in order to expand operations, transform themselves or fund new ventures.

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Commercial Paper

Invest in short-term debt instrument commonly issued by corporations to finance operating expenses and short-term obligations.

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Wholesale Bonds

Invest in formerly exclusive bonds that were previously unavailable for less than USD 250,000. ADDX offers these for as little as USD 10,000.

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Structured Credit

Invest in debt that has been customised with investor needs in mind, often by incorporating special incentives.

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  • Company's net assets exceeding SGD 10M in value

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