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Commercial papers and bonds can be a source of fixed income and enhanced yields. Since 2021, we have worked with established issuers on over 50 investments to generate income for our investors.

ADDX is an investment platform that provides access to private markets and alternatives. We are backed by:*

*Key shareholders of ICHX Tech, in turn the shareholder of ADDX Pte. Ltd.

Why invest in commercial paper and bonds at ADDX?

Our investors have committed over SGD 920 million in fixed income investments on the ADDX platform with yields returning up to 6.45% p.a.¹

Consistent income

Rates that are locked in, offering stable and predictable income

Short duration

Typically durations of 3 months to 2 years, offering liquidity

Established issuers

Issued primarily by publicly listed and/or established issuers

5.11% p.a.
Average interest rate for 3-month SGD commercial paper on ADDX²
6.45% p.a.
Average interest rate for 3-month USD commercial paper on ADDX³
¹ As of 16 January 2023
² Average interest rate for 3-month SGD CPs issued on ADDX platform in Q4 2023
³ Average interest rate for 3-month USD CPs issued on ADDX platform in Q4 2023

Want to learn more?

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Commercial paper is a cost-effective alternative for companies to raise funds for short-term liabilities.


How Digital Commercial Papers Are Transforming Corporate Finance

Commercial papers may be suitable for investors looking for a low-risk cash management solution. 


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Build a diversified alternatives portfolio for as low as USD 5,000.

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ADDX is a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) and Capital Market Services (CMS) Licensee.

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