The world of finance is continuously evolving. The technologies that continue to proliferate and revolutionise traditional ways of how we operate are proof of one fact – we are living in a transformative period where fintech is becoming more influential than ever.

The buzzword of this epoch in history? Tokenisation. We define it as the process of representing real-world assets as digital tokens on a blockchain network, and it could bring about a wide range of benefits including enhanced financial accessibility, efficiency, and – most importantly – security.

With our experience, we are in a prime position to add value to a project designed to better the financial landscape through tokenisation.

Project Guardian: An exploration into the future of tokenisation

Project Guardian is an initiative by the Monetary Authority of Singapore that aims to explore the vast potential of digital finance players working together on a public blockchain network.

As part of this pilot project, ADDX has partnered HSBC, UOB, and MarketNode to see how ecosystem players can synergistically work together, communicating through blockchain to distribute real-world asset tokens to investors.

Our involvement as a custody solution provider for UOB serves as a key milestone in tokenisation's journey. The project demonstrates a transformative approach that enhances interoperability between systems while ensuring heightened security, custody, and seamless transactions.

Elevating our capabilities

With this initiative comes the discovery and development of new abilities, which brings about constant progress towards a new age of tokenisation.

  • ADDX is now capable of custodising security tokens issued within Project Guardian on Polygon blockchain
  • ADDX has built the infrastructure to support all existing issued ERC20-based security tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain
  • In future, such mainnet security tokens may be traded on the ADDX secondary market

Our custody solution

At the core of our commitment to bringing access to private markets is the idea of non-negotiable security. That’s why we designed this best-in-class custody solution that redefines the standards of security for the digital asset space. Our cutting-edge technology is not just a storage space for savvy investors to safeguard their assets, but a top-tier integrated digital asset wallet solution that doesn’t compromise on safety and security.

The technology that rules above all: Multi-party Computation Technology

Our custody solution utilises Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology - a cryptographic innovation that excels beyond traditional Multisig technology used in most digital asset wallets today. Through a combination of advanced cryptographic techniques, MPC ensures an institutional-grade custody solution for digital assets.

  • By distributing key shares among multiple parties, no complete private key ever exists at any point in time, effectively eliminating the risk of compromise.
  • Automatic refreshing of key shares at regular intervals adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring utmost security for your digital assets.
  • Runs entirely off-chain; hackers do not have access to insights into security policies or update practices

With the help of industry-leading cybersecurity experts, we developed this digital asset wallet custody solution to excel beyond traditional security standards, so investors can safekeep their digital assets in a wallet that gives them the peace of mind they need. As a result, investors can also confidently grow their portfolio and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world of digital finance.

As we continue to shape the future of fintech through intensive collaboration and exploration of projects such as this, we invite you to be part of this journey in the world of tokenisation and digital asset security.

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