NOTE: In May of 2021, iSTOX rebranded itself to ADDX.

iQuant Series I, a feeder into the top-ranked global hedge fund Quantedge Global Fund, has garnered annualized returns of 32%* since listing on the ADDX platform. This despite market volatility in August and September owing to the continued COVID-19 pandemic and market anxiety over US-China trade tensions.

In a note to investors, Quantedge provided the following updates:


The markets were mixed in August. Equities, commodities and (to a smaller extent) currencies showed positive returns while bond markets generally registered losses. Quantedge Global Fund’s performance mirrored the markets, with gains from its equities, commodities and currency positions mostly offset by losses in its fixed income book.


September 2020 saw a moderate increase in volatility across major markets on the back of the continuing coronavirus infections in many countries and increasing U.S. – China tensions. Quantedge Global Fund registered losses in its equities, commodities and currencies book, partially offset by gains from its fixed income positions.

About Quantedge:

Named one of Bloomberg’s Top 5 Large Hedge Funds and winner of EurekaHedge’s Best Asian Billion Dollar Hedge Fund award, Quantedge is based in Singapore. After more than thirteen years in the markets, Quantedge delivered 23% net annualised returns in 2019, growing $1 invested at inception to more than S$15. While it would normally cost an investor a minimum of US$1 million and a lock-in period of three years or five years to buy into a fund like Quantedge Global Fund, ADDX provides access to investors for a fraction of that amount and without lock up.

*As of September 2020 NAV figures. Information presented is historical information and that the past performance of iQuant is not indicative of its future performance.

iQUANT Series I Highlights:

· Issuer: ICHAM Master Fund VCC

· Target Return: 17% p.a.

· Status: Now trading on the ADDX Exchange

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