At ADDX, we are committed to protecting you and your assets. As a MAS capital markets services license holder, we comply with strict regulatory requirements to ensure that your money is safe no matter what happens to ADDX. Our funding, subscription and redemption processes are secure and transparent so you know where your money is every step of the way.

When I deposit money into my ADDX wallet, where does it go?

When you open an account with ADDX and deposit money into your ADDX wallet, your money is held in a customer-segregated account with our banking partner, DBS. DBS is the largest bank in Southeast Asia and has received the “Safest Bank in Asia” award from Global Finance for the last 14 consecutive years.1 Your money is held separately and is not commingled with ADDX's assets.

What happens to my money when I want to subscribe or redeem?

When you subscribe to an investment product on ADDX, your money will be transferred from the customer-segregated account to the issuer, and in return, you receive security tokens that represent your ownership in the underlying investment product.

When the issuer makes distributions or processes redemptions, these funds are deposited into the customer-segregated account. Should you wish to make a withdrawal, you may initiate a request to transfer money from your wallet to your selected bank account. Your money and assets cannot be transferred or accessed by anyone unless confirmed by you through multi-factor authentication, which entails additional verification (such as a one-time password via SMS).

What happens if ADDX closes down?

In the highly unlikely event ADDX becomes insolvent and operations are ceased, your money remains safe in a customer-segregated account, ringfenced from ADDX’s own assets and protected from claims by ADDX’s creditors. Additionally, there are protections in place that allow the security tokens to be materialised off-platform in the event of ADDX’s insolvency such that you continue to retain your interests in the underlying investment product.

Is ADDX regulated and licensed?

ADDX holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This license allows ADDX to conduct regulated financial activities in Singapore, specifically with dealing in capital markets products and providing custodial services. As a CMS-license holder, ADDX must adhere to stringent regulatory standards, including meeting base capital and risk-based capital requirements, performing mandatory reporting and internal and external audits, and ensuring proper segregation of customers’ monies.

The MAS has also recognised ADDX as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) which allows us to operate a marketplace for capital markets products.

Learn more about investing with ADDX in our FAQ section here.

1 Source: DBS


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