NOTE: In May of 2021, iSTOX rebranded itself to ADDX.

iSTOX is excited to announce it has completed the issuance of Elite Logistics Fund, a real estate fund investing in key logistics hubs in the United Kingdom and Poland.

iSTOX Chief Commercial Officer Choo Oi Yee speaking about the issuance remarked, “Logistics has played a huge role in the creation of today’s globalised economy and, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic driving massive growth in e-commerce, this trend is only accelerating. We are honoured that Elite chose iSTOX as their partner for this issuance and we’re very happy to be bringing funds like this to a wider pool of investors.”

About this Investment:

Elite Logistics Fund, being the only logistics trust with 100% freehold* or virtual freehold assets, has 11 fully completed income producing properties leased to large multinational corporations with strong tenant covenants. Tenants include DHL, Next, FM Logistics, Pepsi and HAVI Logistics.

The fund is managed by Elite Partners Capital, which has S$ 1 billion+ in assets under management and is based in Singapore.

* “Virtual freehold” means leasehold title over a real estate asset which has no less than 200 years remaining on the lease.

Investment Highlights:

Issuer: Elite Logistics Fund

Trading Status: Now trading on ADDX

Target Return: 12% p.a.

Lock up Period: None

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