NOTE: In May of 2021, iSTOX rebranded itself to ADDX.

What does iSTOX, Amazon, Alibaba, ANT Financial, Apple, Google, J.P. Morgan, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), McKinsey & Company, BlackRock, Tencent, Transferwise, Coinbase and Ripple all have in common?

All were recognized as top players in their fields by Global Brands Magazine’s 2020 Global Brands Awards. iSTOX won the Most Innovative Fintech Company category.

Why are these awards important? With over 10,000 startups, mid-level organisations, unicorns and major multi-nationals evaluated for the awards in 2020 alone, to be recognised as the Most Innovative Fintech is both an honour and a very welcome recognition of the work we are doing.

Many congratulations to those fellow winners – this is a recognition and validation of all the hard work and perseverance you’ve demonstrated in a very challenging economic landscape.

Finally and most importantly; a big thank you to the iSTOX family, all our clients, supporters and community members who helped make this win possible. From our very inception, you have helped to propel us across each milestone of our growth. This is another milestone to remember and we’d like to express our deepest gratitude.

For a complete list of all the 2020 Global Brands Magazine awards winners, including iSTOX, click here.