By Oi Yee Choo, Chief Commercial Officer

From 40%-plus increases in net asset value across multiple funds, to a top-to-bottom revamp of our corporate identity, to a variety of new and exciting investment products, Q2 2021 was a time of major growth for ADDX.

Among other major milestones was our shift from iSTOX to ADDX; the launch of Hanwha’s Global ESG Innovators Fund, the first environmental/social/governance (ESG)-centric fund on the ADDX platform; and being named as the best solution for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) in this year’s DigFin Innovation Awards.

Q2 also marked the first successful rollover and the second offering of CGS-CIMB commercial paper, our cash management debt product and the first commercial paper offering hosted on our platform. I’m happy to announce that CGS-CIMB's second offering raised over S$32 million.

We also hosted the launch of Sunbelt Multifamily Fund, a diversified portfolio of US multifamily properties positioned to take advantage of key economic and social changes. Sunbelt’s manager, the financial services giant Investcorp, is the 4th largest cross-border buyer of US multifamily real estate, according to Real Capital Analytics (2019 and 2020) and manages a US$2.5 billion portfolio across 14,000+ units in the multifamily sector.

While we’re on the topic of well-known and respected names in investing, iQuant, a feeder into the top-ranked global hedge fund Quantedge Global Fund, continued to perform, reporting a net asset value (NAV) of US$146.57 per token as of June 2021. Overall, iQuant’s NAV grew 46.57% between June of 2021 and March of 2020.

Continuing that trend of growth, Ternary Cypress Fund, a hedge fund focused on scarce real assets in sectors like nuclear, oil tankers, and specialty engineering, reported a NAV of US$142.98 per token as of 30 June 2021 – a 42.98% increase over its first reported NAV in December of 2020.

Last – but certainly not least – discretionary hedge fund Eternal Glade reached S$147.04 per token in June, a 47.04% rise in NAV from March of 2020 to June of this year.

All in all, ADDX had a very busy and productive first half of 2021 and is looking forward to even more growth and opportunity in H2. Once again, a big thank you to all our investors and issuers. Without your continued belief and support, none of this would be possible

ADDX is your entry to private market investing. It is a proprietary platform that lets you invest from USD 10,000 in unicorns, pre-IPO companies, hedge funds, and other opportunities that traditionally require millions or more to enter. ADDX is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is open to all non-US accredited and institutional investors.